Monday, June 16, 2008

Post Crescent Silver Pen letter: Hard work ahead, yet change is already here

Published in the Post-Crescent, June 15, 2008

June 3 was a historic day in the history of our nation. I listened to the speeches of (senators) John McCain, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama. They promised to bring changes in the country, and they all defined their perception of the change.

For me, the change is already here. It has happened. When I heard Barack Obama, a young African-American, declaring that he was the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party for 2008, change was already there.

When Hillary Clinton, a very strong woman, stood on the stage and said that she was our presidential candidate, this was the change we have been waiting for.

I came to this country several years ago with an image of America, an America with equal opportunity for everyone, an America where everyone would be accepted.

Today, I feel we have taken several steps toward completing that image. I see an America where one could achieve one's dreams irrespective of the color of skin or gender. I see an America where the next generation would be colorblind. We would only see a human being.

I'm thinking of all those leaders who made many sacrifices and gave their lives to bring us to this day.

Finally, their dream has been fulfilled. Every individual who has worked hard to educate and celebrate diversity and equality, every community that has worked hard to accept each and every human being with open arms should be very proud.

It's their victory and it's their vision that has brought this history-making day to this nation, which we all are very proud of.

However, we aren't quite there. We have to continue the hard work and keep moving toward the path that's right in front of us.

Kamlesh Varma

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Terry Dawson said...

Great letter, Kamal -- thanks!