Monday, May 19, 2008

Social Awareness Theater

North Theatre Class to Present Original Disability Awareness Play “Much Like You”
On Thursday, May 29th, the Appleton North High School Theatre Seminar/Production class will present an original theatrical piece entitled “Much Like You” at 7:30 P.M. in the Large Group Instruction Room at North High School. The 35 minute play deals with the subject of the physically and cognitively disabled and the attitudes and beliefs we bring to each other. The play utilizes a combination of performed poetry and original monologues -- many based on real-life situations which have occurred at North High School.

Each year the North Theatre Seminar/Production class prepares a production dealing with some social issue topic relevant to our community and its youth. Previous classes have dealt with the issues of tolerance, abuse, depression, suicide, homelessness, and drunk driving. The play will be performed for North students during the school day on May 30th.

Admission to the public performance is free, but seating is restricted to 90 people. Both the school and public performances will be followed by a talk back on the issues of tolerance raised by the play.

Renaissance to offer play on Co-Dependency, “Under the Influence”
The Renaissance School for the Arts’ Social Issue Theatre class will present a free public performance of the play UNDER THE INFLUENCE in the West auditorium at 7:30 P.M. on Tuesday, May 27th. UNDER THE INFLUENCE is an original play by Ron Parker, Renaissance instructor and director of the eight students who comprise the cast. The drama has been performed in over 30 states nationwide. UNDER THE INFLUENCE is a play about drug and alcohol abuse, but not about the drug and alcohol abuser. Family members, friends, and others who are in a relationship with someone dependent on drugs and alcohol show the results of their co-dependency— anger and hate, loneliness and isolation, guilt, sorrow, and shame. The co-dependents in this play relate their tragic stories by speaking directly to unseen abuser. The play attempts to reach out to those using drugs as well by showing them the tragic effects their choices have on those they care about the most. An image of a mobile on stage shows how the co-dependent's life is thrust into a state of imbalance by the person dependent on drugs or alcohol. The purpose is clear—to help bring balance back to the lives of those who cry out for it so desperately and to reach out to those who abuse drugs by showing them how their behavior tragically touches those they care about the most. In addition to the public performance, students in both Renaissance and Central will view the production. The play lasts about an hour and will be followed by a brief talkback with cast and trained staff on drug abuse.

For further information on either play, contact Ron Parker, director at 832-4300 or via e-mail .


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